Il segreto di Susanna / La voix humaine

Ermanno Wolf-Ferrari, Il segreto di Susanna
Francis Poulenc, La voix humaine


Turin, Teatro Regio, 16 May 2018

 Qui la versione in italiano

On the female condition: two 20th-century operas in Turin

Exactly fifty years separate these two compositions, 1909 and 1959 respectively, but the two female characters could not be more different: one, in Il segreto di Susanna, seeks emancipation by smoking, a man’s bad habit; the other, in La voix humaine, cannot emancipate herself from her man and is prey to desperation, abandoned by her beloved. Two different variations of the female universe: the first at the beginning of the century and now utterly outdated, the second more striking with its relevant concerns about attitudes towards women highlighted in the press…

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