La Dafne

Jakob Auer, Apollo und Daphne, avorio, 1690

Marco da Gagliano, La Dafne


Florence, Giardino di Boboli, 25 June 2018

 Qui la versione in italiano

Dafne returns to Florence four centuries later

Today’s operatic life is the uninterrupted continuation of a tradition that, even with countless changes, can be traced back to 1589, when a performance of sung and danced stage actions was set up for the wedding of the Grand Duke of Tuscany Ferdinando I de’ Medici with Cristina of Lorraine.

But almost ten years before a group of intellectuals – the Camerata de’ Bardi, which had taken it’s name from Giovanni Bardi’s mansion where they met to discuss music, literature, arts and science – formalized this musical form that originates from two elements: one is musical, the victory of monodic singing over polyphony, and the other is literary…

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