Paolo Ventura, The Sword Swallower, 2009

Ruggero Leoncavallo, Pagliacci


Turin, Teatro Regio, 11 January 2017

bandieraitaliana1.gif   Qui la versione in italiano

An orthodox Pagliacci stands alone in Turin

Perhaps the composer Nicola Campogrande is right when he says that the length of a performance (though he was speaking of concerts) is expected to shorten in time, due to our perceptual rhythms that lead us to focus our listening experience in more limited time. Or are the usual budget issues that tend to split into two or more evenings what was commonly programmed in one?

Turin’s Teatro Regio seems to invent the “Opera aperitif”: you go to theatre at eight and shortly after nine you are out for a film or a pizza with your friends…

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