Il re pastore


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Il re pastore


Venice, Teatro La Fenice, 15 February 2019

2000px-Flag_of_Italy.svg Qui la versione in italiano

A second chance for a teenager Mozarti in Venice

Another Venetian proposal by the tireless Federico Maria Sardelli for a young Mozart. Il re pastore (The Shepherd King) is the last of the works of circumstance following Ascanio in Alba, written for the wedding of Archduke Ferdinand in Milan, and Il sogno di Scipione (Scipio’s Dream), intended for Archbishop Colloredo.

Here the occasion is the arrival in Salzburg of Prince-elector Maximilian III, celebrated in the magnanimity of the male characters of this work. Rulers in the Age of Enlightenment always loved to have their personal virtues being glorified in parallel with those of humble shepherds – modesty, loyalty and care for one’s own flock – so as to legitimise their natural right to exercise power…

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