L’angelo di fuoco

Calcedonio Reina, Love and Death, 1883

Sergej Prokof’ev, The Fiery Angel


Rome, Teatro dell’Opera, 23 May 2019

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Emma Dante’s demonic obsessions in Prokofiev’s The Fiery Angel

Classified as “the weirdest and creepiest opera ever written”, The Fiery Angel was composed by Prokofiev between 1919 and 1927, but the author never saw his work on stage: the libretto, from Bryusov’s novel, was considered so blasphemous and the intensity of the music so shocking that the first production did not take place until 1955, two years after the composer’s death and almost thirty years after the completion of the work.

At the time the reviewers did not understand the depth of its message: «A sort of 16th-century Carmen with super-natural trimmings»…

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